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Custom Decorative Ornamental Wrought Iron and Aluminum Driveway Gates
Custom Decorative Ornamental Estate Metal Driveway Gates
Great Selection of Aluminum Driveway Gates, Modern designs all welded construction powder coat Oven Baked
We Custom make all of our driveway gates to your specs all installation hardware is included
Privacy Gates,Privacy Driveway Gates,Metal Backing,Wood Insert,Privay Panels
Garden Gates, Walk Thru Gates, Garden Walk Through Gates, Wrought Iron or Aluminum Iron Garden Walk Gates
All our Garden gates are custom made to match driveway gates and fencing complementing your home exterior design
Metal, Plexiglas, Krinkglas, Wood are use as Privacy panels backing with an array of color to choose from
Aluminum Picket Fence, Pool Fence, Security Pool Fence
Custom Fence Wrought Iron Fence Fencing Metal Design Steel Ornamental
Deck Railings, Iron Railings,Porch Railings,Balcony Railings,Hand Rails, Aluminum or Wrought Iron Metal Railings
We make Custom modern railings for Balconies,front porch,Decks, pool area all welded Aluminum
Gate Openers-Gate Operators, Top Brands,Power Master,Eagle,Elite,RamSet,DoorKing,OSCO,SEA
Ramset Gate Openers and Operators Swing Slide Residential Commercial and Industrial
We are pround to carry the FAAC Gate Opener line including parts and customer service 2nd to none
Apollo Gate openers the best Solar operators in the market, available in residential, commercial and industrial models, single swing,dual and slide
BFT all UL/CSA approved electromechanical and hydraulic operators, rack & pinion,kits, great openers at agreat price
Complete Power Master gate openers, operators available on line
Liftmaster gate opener,operators and barriers designed to meet your access control and security needs
Elite Gate Operators the leading provider of gate operators
Doorking also known as “DKS” manufacturers of telephone entry systems, vehicular gate operators, parking control products and access control systems in the US
OSCO Linear Gate Operators swing Slide Barriers Variable Speed Residential Commercial Industrial
Allstar Gate Openers part of Linear corp
Full line of Viking gate openers, operators and barriers, all Viking openers are equip with battery back up
Eagle Gate Openers Operators Residential Commercial swing slide
SEA an Italian line of gate openers, Rack & Pinion,chain,swing
Hysecurity when only the best will do, Hysecurity is the line of openers that you want
Control Boards, Main Circuit Boards, MotherBoards, Main Control Circuit Boards for Gate Operators
Remote Controls Multi-Code Linear Liftmaster Chamberlain Clicker Mini Transmitter Heddolf Skylink
Multi code remote controls available in visor style and key chain style, 1,2 and 4 buttons in 300 and 310 mhz
Transmitter Solution Gate Remote Control Garage Door Clicker
Linear Remote Controls, Delta 3,Mega Code,Block Code,310MHZ,318Mhz
Liftmaster Remote Controls we carry older models as well like 61lm,62lm,63lm,64lm,971lm,972lm,973lm,974lm and new item as well
Doorking remote control MicroClick,MicroPlus Block codes
Keystone Heddolf has one of the largest selection of frequency in the market including extended range remotes
BFT FAAC SEA are all italian brand with a European frequency 433Mhz and 418Mhz
Long Range Remote controls and receivers from several brands
Receivers from Linear, DoorKing, Multi-Code, Liftaster, Heddolf, Extended Range
Multi Code Linear Extensive line of Receiver for any access remote needs including long range
Doorking Receiver Microplus Microclick RF Control Access Control 8054 Series 8057 Series 8055 Series 8053-080 8056-080 8059-080 8060-061
Liftmaster Receiver 312HM 412HM 635LM 365LM Star450 Passport CPWR3 423LM TCR TCG
Keystone Heddolf Receiver 318Mhz 300Mhz Long Range ER294 M294 P294
Long Range Remote and Receivers from several brands
Phone entry system, Doorking, American access System, Linear, Elite, Select Engineered,Sentex
SES - Select Engineering System for your telephone access control residential or commercial application
AAS - American Access System telephone entry keypads card readers
Doorking Telephone Entry residential commercial keypad intercom for all you access control needs
Liftmaster TAC1 telephone entry and keypad WKP5LM  WKP250LM
Sentex Infinity L, Infinity S, Infinity M, Infinity B
Elite gate entry system EL25 EL2000 Dial Code Icon 26
Linear TelephoneEntry System AE100,AE500,AE1000,AE2000,RE1,RE2
IP Telephone entry Voice over internet anolog GSM Gate way Cell phone remote IP Video Gate Intercom Door phone entry
Keypads Wire Keypad Wireless Keypad Liftmaster American Access System AAS Doorking DK Multi-Code Hedolff
Loop Detectors, PhotoCell, Exit Devices, Emergency Entry Equipment
Safety loop EMX, BD Loop, Doorking, Preform, saw cut, pave over
Loop Detector Reno AE Loop Detector Diablo EDI EMX
Safety Photo Cell Infrared Reflector Vehicle Detector Safety Photo Beam
Gate Accessories - Roller Guides, Wheels, Hinges, Latches
Cantilever Gate wheels Gate Rollers Heavy Duty Gate Wheels Rolling Gate Wheels
Inverted V track gate wheels guide rollers Groove Wheels Slide Gate Hardware Galvanized Aluminum Track
J-Bolt Adjustible gate hinges spring pool hinges Heavy Duty driveway gate hinges
Gate Latch Pool gate latch double dead bolt lock lever passage lock pool safety lock
Gate Openers or Operators Parts - Replacement Parts
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Iron Works Fences | Cast Iron Fences | Ornamental Iron Works
Fences | Artistic Ornamental Cast Iron Works Fences
Our company is constantly developing new designs for its ironworks and
Aluminum . Here you can have a look at our latest designs of fences and gates.
We are able to produce a beautiful piece of artwork that will last for decades;
traditionally crafted Aluminum is one of the few materials that can stand the
test of time. For security, strength, style and lasting investment
Fences, in general, come with a lot of benefits. Of course, they add an element
of privacy. They keep trespassers out of your property.
Development of ferrous metals technology and misleading new
usages of the term "wrought iron" have created a dangerous
confusion about the equivalence of today's commercially available
architectural iron, known as
mild steel, and true historic "wrought
iron". Replacements in mild steel are fated to a short, ugly career if
it is assumed that measures sufficient to protect the original
historic work will be adequate for the replicated elements. While
these metals can both be "
wrought" (archaic for "worked",
according to Webster) by the smith with equal artistry,
historic "wrought iron
", earned its name not on the
blacksmith's anvil at all but in the
smelting process itself! Modern
mild steel is a high carbon steel possessed of an urge to recombine
with oxygen and to return to its natural state, iron oxide, as rapidly
as possible. True historic "
wrought iron" is a stable very low carbon
iron that is capable of standing centuries to the elements as long as
its surfaces are well drained and ventilated. Carbon atoms, it turns
out, are the constituent element that induce ferrous metals to crave
oxygen. In general, true historic "wrought iron" was smelted at
relatively low, sub-molten temperatures and then "wrought",
hammered while yet a red hot solid to beat out impurities. These low
temperatures result in a carbon content of about one twentieth that
of mild steel. At higher temperatures, more carbon from the fuel is
incorporated into the metal which both increases the strength of the
material (good for structural applications) and the rate at which the
metal will oxidize. So while true historic "wrought iron" will indeed
rust, it does so in a very slow process without the
enthusiasm of
mild steel.
Superior Circle: Circle is 4" in diameter, the Pickets are 1" x 1", The horizontal
are Punch Channels 1"x 2" welded on the under side, Fence Post are 2"x 2" ,
the spears or Finales is what makes this Fence stand out but we have a large
selection of finales to choose from, like all of our Aluminum Fence Gates and
Railing this product is Powder Coat Oven Baked for a Maintenance Free Fence.
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Superior Circles 3ft -- $62.40  Per lineal foot
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Superior Circles 4ft -- $68.40  Per lineal foot
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Superior Circles 5ft -- $74.40  Per lineal foot
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Superior Circles 6ft -- $80.40  Per lineal foot
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