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Custom Decorative Ornamental Estate Metal Driveway Gates
Great Selection of Aluminum Driveway Gates, Modern designs all welded construction powder coat Oven Baked
We Custom make all of our driveway gates to your specs all installation hardware is included
Privacy Gates,Privacy Driveway Gates,Metal Backing,Wood Insert,Privay Panels
Garden Gates, Walk Thru Gates, Garden Walk Through Gates, Wrought Iron or Aluminum Iron Garden Walk Gates
All our Garden gates are custom made to match driveway gates and fencing complementing your home exterior design
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Ramset Gate Openers and Operators Swing Slide Residential Commercial and Industrial
We are pround to carry the FAAC Gate Opener line including parts and customer service 2nd to none
Apollo Gate openers the best Solar operators in the market, available in residential, commercial and industrial models, single swing,dual and slide
BFT all UL/CSA approved electromechanical and hydraulic operators, rack & pinion,kits, great openers at agreat price
Complete Power Master gate openers, operators available on line
Liftmaster gate opener,operators and barriers designed to meet your access control and security needs
Elite Gate Operators the leading provider of gate operators
Doorking also known as “DKS” manufacturers of telephone entry systems, vehicular gate operators, parking control products and access control systems in the US
OSCO Linear Gate Operators swing Slide Barriers Variable Speed Residential Commercial Industrial
Allstar Gate Openers part of Linear corp
Full line of Viking gate openers, operators and barriers, all Viking openers are equip with battery back up
Eagle Gate Openers Operators Residential Commercial swing slide
SEA an Italian line of gate openers, Rack & Pinion,chain,swing
Hysecurity when only the best will do, Hysecurity is the line of openers that you want
Control Boards, Main Circuit Boards, MotherBoards, Main Control Circuit Boards for Gate Operators
Remote Controls Multi-Code Linear Liftmaster Chamberlain Clicker Mini Transmitter Heddolf Skylink
Multi code remote controls available in visor style and key chain style, 1,2 and 4 buttons in 300 and 310 mhz
Transmitter Solution Gate Remote Control Garage Door Clicker
Linear Remote Controls, Delta 3,Mega Code,Block Code,310MHZ,318Mhz
Liftmaster Remote Controls we carry older models as well like 61lm,62lm,63lm,64lm,971lm,972lm,973lm,974lm and new item as well
Doorking remote control MicroClick,MicroPlus Block codes
Keystone Heddolf has one of the largest selection of frequency in the market including extended range remotes
BFT FAAC SEA are all italian brand with a European frequency 433Mhz and 418Mhz
Long Range Remote controls and receivers from several brands
Receivers from Linear, DoorKing, Multi-Code, Liftaster, Heddolf, Extended Range
Multi Code Linear Extensive line of Receiver for any access remote needs including long range
Doorking Receiver Microplus Microclick RF Control Access Control 8054 Series 8057 Series 8055 Series 8053-080 8056-080 8059-080 8060-061
Liftmaster Receiver 312HM 412HM 635LM 365LM Star450 Passport CPWR3 423LM TCR TCG
Keystone Heddolf Receiver 318Mhz 300Mhz Long Range ER294 M294 P294
Long Range Remote and Receivers from several brands
Phone entry system, Doorking, American access System, Linear, Elite, Select Engineered,Sentex
SES - Select Engineering System for your telephone access control residential or commercial application
AAS - American Access System telephone entry keypads card readers
Doorking Telephone Entry residential commercial keypad intercom for all you access control needs
Liftmaster TAC1 telephone entry and keypad WKP5LM  WKP250LM
Sentex Infinity L, Infinity S, Infinity M, Infinity B
Elite gate entry system EL25 EL2000 Dial Code Icon 26
Linear TelephoneEntry System AE100,AE500,AE1000,AE2000,RE1,RE2
IP Telephone entry Voice over internet anolog GSM Gate way Cell phone remote IP Video Gate Intercom Door phone entry
Keypads Wire Keypad Wireless Keypad Liftmaster American Access System AAS Doorking DK Multi-Code Hedolff
Loop Detectors, PhotoCell, Exit Devices, Emergency Entry Equipment
Safety loop EMX, BD Loop, Doorking, Preform, saw cut, pave over
Loop Detector Reno AE Loop Detector Diablo EDI EMX
Safety Photo Cell Infrared Reflector Vehicle Detector Safety Photo Beam
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EMX Photoeyes Access Control Sensors
Vehicle Loops and Loop Detectors are used to detect the presence of a vehicle to open a gate, or as a safety device to prevent the gate from closing on a vehicle in its path.

Vehicle Loop Detectors are available with two types of connectivity; plug-in and wire harness. Direct Plug-In Loop Detectors are designed for specific control boards while the Wire Harness or Mountable Socket is universal fit.

Vehicle Loops are available as Direct Burial or Cut-In. In general, Direct Burial Loops are placed below the surface prior to application of asphalt or concrete while Cut-In Loops are installed within a slot sawed into the existing surface.

Probe Style Vehicle Sensorsare self-contained units including a loop detector and sensing probe or wand. This type of vehicle motion detector is easy to install -- This are to use as Exit Device only, it is not recommended as a safety
EMX Carsense Probe 100
EMX CarSense 101 Buried Sensor
EMX CarSense 202
Probe Only: The CarSense 101 motion detector has a buried sensing
probe to protect against vandalism. It is housed in a small, relay-type
housing, making it easy to integrate with security control boards, gate and
door operators. For access control applications requiring free exit, the
CarSense 101 detects vehicles and actuates gates, overhead doors and
other parking barriers. Benefits include:  •Easy to use and install  •Easy
upgrade or switch out to new devices  •Quick access to controls  •Buried
sensing probe protects against potential intruders.  •Wide power supply
options •Energy conservation
Complete Kit: The CarSense 101 provides a solution for many
vehicle detection challenges. Where safety is an issue, the CarSense
101 detects moving vehicles in blind areas along a driving path, and
actuates warning lights
Features: •Controls and indicators are mounted on front panel   •
Available in 9 - 41 VDC 6 - 29 VAC.    •Low 2.5 mA standby current
consumption, makes it an excellent choice for solar power
applications.   •Housed in a small, relay-type housing    •Surge
The CarSense 202: is based on the well known CarSense 101
design. It has single piece design, making installation easy. The
CarSense 202 is suitable for many applications, including safety,
security access control, and solar applications.  Benefits include:
•Sensing probe is buried to protect against vandalism   •Wide range of
power supply options  •Easy installation  •Low current consumption,
making the CarSense 202 Slim a great choice for solar applications  
•Easy to integrate with security control boards, gate and door
operators.   Features:  •Power supply: 9-41 VDC or 6-29VAC (not to
exceed 35V peak) +/- 10%    •Stand-by current: 250uA maximum   •Detect
current: 12 mA maximum   •Single piece, slim design
EMX Lite Preformed Loop
The Lite Preformed Loop vehicle loop detector is a ready-to-
use loop that works with all EMX loop detectors. This lightweight
preformed loop is suitable for saw cut, tar and concrete
Inquire for special sizes and quotes.  Benefits include:  •Easy to
install   •Electronic lightning protection
•Rugged and flexible TPE tubing   •Custom sizing  
Features:  •Constructed of stranded wire conductors with XLP
thermoplastic elastomer insulation jacketing    •Outershell is flexible
nonmetallic 0.26" tubing    •50 feet of twisted and jacketed lead-in
wire    •Loop dimensions: 4'x6' to 4'x12' standard; custom sizes are
BD Preform Loop Saw Cut many sizes available Pre Form
BD Preformed Loop  3/16” Saw-cut Loop
Used for saw-cut installations where a 3/16” groove is cut into the concrete or
asphalt and the wire is stuffed and sealed (using loop sealent) into the surface.
Our saw-cut loops have a custom polyethylene outer jacket protects a micro-
dusted nylon coated inner jacketed 16AWG stranded wire. The saw-cut loop
has a built in backer-rod securely fitting a 3/16” saw-cut groove eliminating the
need to apply backer-rod to hold the loop to the bottom of the saw-cut groove
and requires 30-40% less loop sealant to seal the groove.
The entire loop including the lead-in fits within a 3/16” saw-cut groove
preventing wasted time spent double saw-cutting or doubling blades to cut the
home run lead-in.
BD Loops Saw Cut Pre-form Loops  Available in - 20ft lead,50ft
lead and 100ft lead.  Sizes:  4ft X 5ft   -  4ft X 6ft  - 4ft X 8ft   -  4ft X 12ft
6ft X 12ft  - 6ft X 14ft - 6ft X 20ft
DoorKing Loop Detectors and Secondary
Entrapment Prevention Devices
•All DoorKing gate operators are
designed with "ports" for our plug-in
loop detectors. This simplifies
installation and wiring. Both single
channel and two channel detectors are
available. Loops and loop detectors
should be used on all gate operator
installations to prevent the gate from
closing on vehicular traffic.
•DoorKing has available pre-fabricated
loops, loop wire, loop test meters and
concrete and asphalt sealant.
Prefabricated Loops 3 turns of loop wire
enclosed in PLIOVIC tubing 24 ft.
circumference, 50 ft lead in Blue,Red and
Doorking Loop wire, make your own loop, for saw cut style loop wire
Doorking 9402-076
Loop-Wire 9402-077 and 9402-078 in
500 ft rolls also available in 1000ft
rolls so you can create your own size
EMX HAR-11 Loop Detector Harness
EMX Loop Detector Accessories LD-11 LD-11B
EMX VMD AC/DC Outdoor Buried Vehicle Motion Detector with Sensing Probe
National Direct Burial in Gravel Road, Under Asphalt or under Concrete
National Saw Cut, thin cut will allowed to slide preformed loop to the bottom for easy imnstallation
BD Loops Direct Burial under Asphalt, Concrete, Pavers
BD LOOPS Used for installations under concrete, asphalt,
pavers, or gravel roads. The most common installation is the
loop tied directly to the rebar before concrete is poured. Wire
is UL 493 certified designed for a direct burial application.
Unlike loops wrapped through PVC, The BD Loops Direct
Burial Loop does not have an air pocket resulting in fewer
repeat service calls due to phantom detections caused by
ground vibration. Built with a high quality solid 14AWG wire
out performing other preformed loops with twice as much
copper per foot and increased tensile strength..
BD Loops  Loops  Available in - 40ft lead,60ft lead and 100ft lead.  
Sizes:  4ft X 5ft   -  4ft X 6ft  - 4ft X 8ft   -  4ft X 12ft
6ft X 12ft  - 6ft X 14ft - 6ft X 20ft
National Loops: The saw cut loops consist of a non-spliced,
machine-twisted lead-in, using polypropylene-wrapped copper wires.
These continuous-length inductive loops come in sizes 18GA PNL (1/8”),
18GA XNL (3/16”) and 14GA XNL (1/4″). All of our preformed inductive
vehicle detection loops fit perfectly in a 1” deep saw cut. What this
means for you is a significant reduction in time and labor due to its
simple application. Next, it means eliminating the guesswork for
determining number of turns for optimal read-height. And because our
wires are precisely stacked, it also means sealants will fully
encapsulate our loops more effectively compared to that of hand-
wound loops. Best of all, because we use a continuous wire throughout
the loop and lead-in, our preformed loops result in remarkable
accuracy, leaving peace of mind to all parties involved.
National Loops: The Direct Burial Preformed Loop comes
fully assembled, ready to install for any project involving paving,
concrete or asphalt pouring, gravel roadways and brick paving. The
heavy-duty nature of the liquid tight conduit insures your most sensitive
access control project from external conditions like sharp stones,
heaving, chemicals and inclement weather to ensure a flawless
operation in your overall installation process.
National Loops saw Cut are
available in 4 X 8 with a 30ft

National Loops Direct Burial
are available with a 50 ft lead
Backer Rod Loop Filler for water tight
Backer Rod,  used as a top layer (filler) over
the loop you installed, then apply loop sealant
to make the loop water tight. For a nicer
installment use as a bottom layer, then apply
loop and then a top layer and sealant for water
tight available in 1/4" and 3/8"
Reno AE Preformed Loop can be use with any Geometry configueration
Reno A&E Pre-Formed available in 4' x 6 and 4 X 8' Direct Burial Loop, High
Temperature Low profile (.375" O.D.) minimizes effects of reflective cracking.
• Can be configured to suit any geometry; rectangular, round, or quadrapole.
• Cables are filled with water block gel to prevent water penetration.
• All splice connections are soldered, sealed and tested before being sealed in
the splice enclosure.
Loop Checker Tool to help detect a fault on the loop
BD Loops Take the guess work out of your
next gate servicing trip with the BD Loops E-Z
Detector Checker. The only device of its kind
that can help pinpoint what is causing the
problem within a loop circuit by the art of
Professional 1 part driveway loop sealant in 30
oz. tube
• 30 oz. tube .
• Q-SEAL 290S Detector Loop Sealant is a one
component moisture curing polyurethane
sealant, for use in both asphalt and concrete
pavement to provide a weather and chemical
resistant waterproof seal.
EMX Loop Detectors
Diablo Loop Detectors
EDI Loop Detectors
Reno Loop Detectors
EMX Loop Detectors
Loop insertion made easy with this tool, push loop wire to the bottom without damage
BD Loops Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool
allows installers to quickly and easily roll
loop wire into the bottom of the saw-cut
Vehicle Loops and Loop Detectors are used to detect the presence of a vehicle to open a gate, or as a safety device to prevent the gate from closing on a vehicle in its path.
Vehicle Loop Detectors are available with two types of connectivity; plug-in and wire harness. Direct Plug-In Loop Detectors are designed for specific control boards while the Wire Harness or Mountable Socket is universal fit.
Vehicle Loops are available as Direct Burial or Cut-In. In general, Direct Burial Loops are placed below the surface prior to application of asphalt or concrete while Cut-In Loops are installed within a slot sawed into the existing surface.
Probe Style Vehicle Sensorsare self-contained units including a loop detector and sensing probe or wand. This type of vehicle motion detector is easy to install however, it is not recommended or should be use as a safety loop.
Pave Over Loop Instillation -- To view Sketch PDF Click Here
This Flexible Conduit loop was designed for use in new construction.  The
conduit is a non-metallic material providing full protection for the loop
contained within

Preparation for Asphalt :
A.  Determine the proper location for the loop, keeping the “T” and lead-in
wire closest to the control box.
B.  Arrange the flex conduit loop into a rectangle or shape and dimensions
required for the job.
C.  The loop may be installed in the sub base (Fig 10) or simply placed on the
surface and covered with a light coating of sand or dirt.
D.  Protect lead-in wire by means of an additional length of 1/2” flexible or
rigid conduit of a non-metallic material.  This conduit containing the lead-in
should also be covered as above, wherever the asphalt would make contact
with the conduit.

Preparation for Concrete :
A.  Follow steps A & B above.
B.  Do not lay the loop directly on the rebar or wire mesh.  Maintain a
minimum of 3” away from any metal.
C.  When installing over rebar or wire mesh, use non-metallic stakes to
suspend the loop above any metal reinforcements.
Note: You may opt to wait until the cement is poured and then float the loop
into the cement, again maintaining a minimum 3” clearance from any metal

Preparation for Gravel :
A.  Follow steps A & B above.   
B.  Excavate to approximately one inch below the loop installation level.   
C.  Back-fill the bottom one-inch with sand and pack firmly.   
D.  Install the loop and lead and cover with sand to within 3" of the top of the
trench and pack firmly.   
E.  Back fill the remainder of the trench with gravel and pack down.
Preformed loops are used with loop detectors to detect the presence of vehicles
in your driveway or parking lot. When a vehicle passes over the loop, it breaks
the circuit and the loop detector will send a signal to one of your relays in either
your garage door opener or gate opener. This relay can do one of several things,
allowing free exit through the opening, or sensing a vehicle and the loop detector
will not allow the gate or garage door to close on the vehicle. The loop detector
can also be wired to keep the gate or garage door open until the vehicle is in a
safe zone.
Reno AE Preform Loop for Direct Burial in Dirt, Gravel Road Excellent Insullation and water proofing
Reno AE Preformed Saw Cut Loops
Model PLB Preformed Loop  1/4" wide saw cuts, gated facilities

The Model PLB Preformed Loop is a prefabricated loop/lead-in
assembly designed to be installed in 1/4“ wide saw cuts. The
design allows for variations in the perimeter of the loop slot.
There is no need for 45 degree corner cuts. The PLB loop
cable, lead-in cable, and splice enclosure are designed for
maximum reliability and long life. Wire insulation and cable
jackets are Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE). XLPE insulation
provides excellent thermal, electrical, and physical properties.
Model PLH-R Preformed Loop  Direct Burial, Dirt or Gravel Roadways

The Model PLH-R Preformed Loop is a prefabricated loop / lead-in assembly
designed for use in direct burial applications. Each component of the PLH (loop
cable, lead-in cable, and splice enclosure) is designed to maximize durability,
minimize water penetration, and maintain a flexible form that is easy to install and
handle. Wire insulation and cable jackets are constructed with the optimal
thickness of Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) necessary to ensure a long,
trouble free life. XLPE insulation provides excellent thermal, electrical, and
physical properties and is recognized for its outstanding resistance to moisture
and chemicals. The high visibility outer jacket is formulated from Elexar 8451
Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) for superior abrasion resistance and excellent
low temperature flexibility.
EMX Saw Cut Loop direct burial Loops Exit Devices
Doorking Preformed Loops and Wire
National Loops Preformed Loops Saw Cut and Burial Loops
Reno Loop Detectors
BD Preformed loops Saw Cut and Direct Burials
EDI Loop Detectors
Diablo Lop Detectors
Preform Loops